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joe-fat.jpgTo the left is a picture from a few years ago. I was over 270 then, too. This shot is on the cover of my home study course at As soon as the course sells out, I am putting a new picture of me on the cover of it -- a pic of me thin, slim, and ohhhhh so sexy.

joe before 7-26-04.jpg  I'm embarassed, but that's me on the left, at over 270, when I began my fitness program on July 27, 2004. Sigh. I was 50 years old, successful in all other areas, but a failure at weight-loss. Notice I'm not smiling. And notice where I'm standing: right beside the refigerator. How symbolic.

But below is me at about 215 in December of 2004 after a trip to Maui, Hawaii. The shirt is a 100% silk, hand-made, hand-painted, expensive work of art. No wonder I'm smiling. I'm starting to feel like GQ model.


joe 12-23-04 b 4x6 sm.png To the left I am getting much smaller and much fitter. This was right before Christmas, 2004.

jan25zane2005(2)1.png  To the left is me training with Frank Zane January, 2005, three-time winner of the Olympia award. He's a legend in body building. Note I'm starting to be about his size.

joe-nerissa 3-20-05.png And to the left is my beautiful Nerissa, taken in March 2005. At this point I'd lost over 60 pounds. And yes, I feel grrrrrrreat!  (BTW, Nerissa took all the photos on this site.)

And here I am (below) in August 2005, now at 189 and feeling like Hercules.

joe-after-august 22 05 side.jpg

And here's another one, from August 2005, after losing 80 pounds. (!)


And this one (below) was taken March, 2006.




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