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Here's my gym! It's about 400 square feet. It's behind my home, on my own land. (If you look close, you can see me standing in the doorway.) It looks small, but wait till you see what is inside...


The shot to the right is of me with the ProSpot P500. This machine allows you to lift weights without needing a spotter, or someone to catch the bar if you can't lift it any higher. It's electronically wired so that if you let go of the bar, the bar freezes in mid-air. You can do virtually every exercise known on this one piece of equipment. In this picture I show you how easy it is to lift a bar with just my two fingers -- and a little help from the machine, of course.



To the right is the ROM, other wise known as a Time Machine. It is a $15,000 piece of beauty. The front part of it is like rowing when I pull and bench pressing when I push. The back part of it is like a star-stepper but stretching me about 3 steps high. Their ads says 4 minutes a day is all you need to get a workout on it. Maybe so, but it's 4 minutes of hell. Tony Robbins has three of these ROMs. I use it to warm up, stretch, and tone.



This is a Roman Chair. You lean back, as I am doing in the picture, and then do sit ups. I may be smiling here, but after just 20 Roman Chair sit-ups, I'm grimacing. It's not easy, but I like it. It steretches my gut and makes it strong, too.



This is still the Roman Chair, but here I am doing back extensions. I simply lay on it, lower myself as in the picture, and then raise my body up. Easy, huh? You try it.



I'm hitting the speed bag here. I love it. Teaches me hand-eye coordination. Frank Zane suggested I install one after he heard I had loved boxing as a teenager. Note the mirrored walls. The entire back wall is mirrored, a suggestion from Zane to brighten the room so I would want to enter it.




gym-bullworker.jpg   And to the left I'm holding two Bullworkers. The green tipped one is 30 years old. I bought it when I was a teenager. They are inventive tools for doing isometric-style exercises. The heavy spring inside the Bullworker makes it tough to push in or stretch the device. Way cool.



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