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Yes, I know you're curious to learn more. Here you go:

I've explained how I lost 80 pounds on my blog at

The $15,000 ROM Time Machine is at

Frank Zane and his ZaneBlaster are at

Steve Reeves (Hercules) has been my idol throughout my evolution. See

EAS and the Body for Life contest is at

The Prospot P500 is at

"Karmic Surgery" is described in my latest #1 bestselling book, The Attractor Factor. See

The program that helped elevate my consciousness is at

The coach who helped me the most in the early stages was Jeremy Likness at (He recently sold his domain.)

The trainer who transformed my body in 2006 is T.R. Goodman of

Bullworker devices are still sold today. See

My marketing course (new cover pictured above) is at

My books, audios, and more are described at

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