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I'm wearing the ZaneBlaster here. It's a device created by Frank Zane that allows me to do squats safely. Note the size of the gym and all the equipment in the background.




Me showing how easy it is to lift weights when the P500 does most of the work.



Doing a pull-up on the P500. (It doesn't help me do it.) When I was a kid, I couldn't do a single pull-up and my gym instructor humilated me over it. Today I can do more than him. Of course, today he's probably 90.




I do my aerobics on this Nordictrack Eclipse. It's a fun machine.



Standing beside my autographed picture of Frank Zane.



I've been in the EAS Body For Life contest twice now. Each lasts 12 weeks and takes a lot of dedication and work. I'm more proud of these certificates of completion than I am many of my best-selling books.


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